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Come and discover the pleasure of picking your own fruit and vegetable in our orchards and gardens.

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Our apples

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Vergers Gazeau produce more 20 varieties of which two are exclusively produced by Organic Farming. Discover our range of apples clicking on the link below.

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Vergers Gazeau > History of a family business

History of a family business

The origin of the Gazeau Group dates back to 1948 and the 16-hectare smallholding run by Marcel Gazeau. Then, in 1957, a Parisian wholesaler advised him to plant his first apple orchards with the Golden Delicious variety. This marked the beginning of Vergers Gazeau.

  • 1948-1957: growing and harvesting of Clochard apples in hedgerows and grazing areas.Récolte des pommes Clochard
  • 1957: planting of the first Golden Delicious apple trees by Marcel Gazeau.
  • 1962: construction of the first building with cold storage of a capacity of 200 tonnes.
  • 1964: installation of the first irrigation system with a holding pond.
  • 1971: construction of a 4,000 m² storage building at headquarters in Vernoux-en-Gâtine.
  • 1979: acquisition of the packing house that would become SICA Sèvre Gâtine (7,000 m² of buildings with 4,000 tonnes of cold storage). Beginning of the partnership with Cardell for marketing the apples.
  • 1979-1988: geographic diversification policy through the acquisition of orchards in the Deux-Sèvres and Vendée departments.
  • 1994: construction of a 3,000 m² building for pre-grading and packing of apples at SICA Sèvre Gâtine.
  • 1999: creation of the Sèvre Gâtine Growers’ Association by Yves Gazeau.
  • 2001: implementation of the internal Quality Policy and obtaining of GlobalGap and BRC certification.
  • 2005: opening of four Vergers de Vendée farm shops.
  • 2005: obtaining of Tesco Nurture certification.
  • 2006: planting of the Honeycrunch® variety and replanting of the iconic Gâtine variety, the Reinette Clochard.
  • 2007: organic farming certification for 15 ha of orchards and planting of the Juliet® Bio variety.
  • 2007: establishment of the internal Environmental Protection Plan.
  • 2009: setting up stalls at La Chaume and Les Sables d’Olonne farmers’ markets (Vendée department).
  • 2010: joining the Chapeau de Paille network and establishment of a pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm at Mareuil-sur-Lay.
  • 2010: start of strawberry production.
  • 2011: opening of a farm shop at Olonne-sur-Mer and setting up stalls at four farmers’ markets.
  • 2012: opening of a farm shop and setting up stalls at two farmers’ markets in La Roche-sur-Yon.
  • 2012: opening of an organic farming certified orchard for apple picking in Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges (Vendée department).

Today the company has over 240 hectares of orchards and vegetable gardens and is run by Yves Gazeau’s four sons, Olivier, Vincent, Stéphane and Jean-Charles. The company also cultivates 10 hectares of other fruits and vegetables and about 100 hectares of cereals.

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