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Picking your own fruit and vegetable

Cueillette de Mareuil




Come and discover the pleasure of picking your own fruit and vegetable in our orchards and gardens.

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Our points of sale


Click here to find the point of sale the closest of your home!

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Our apples

Nos pommes

Vergers Gazeau produce more 20 varieties of which two are exclusively produced by Organic Farming. Discover our range of apples clicking on the link below.

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We have a duty to provide our customers with quality fruit. To this end, we are committed to the voluntary certification of our produce and our farming practices. To date, we have received the following national and international certifications:


Vergers Ecoresponsables (environmentally-friendly orchards)our commitment to the Quality Charter of the Apple Growers of France. This charter guarantees Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) based on a method of growing high quality fruit, with emphasis on techniques that both protect the environment and improve food safety for consumers.


The Global partnership for Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGap): an international partnership with a private entity for safe and sustainable agriculture.



British Retail Consortium (BRC): a prerequisite for supplying UK retailers. This requires, notably, the adoption of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), a system of identification, assessment and control of hazards related to food safety.




Tesco Nature’s choice (Tesco Nurture): a system of reference for good agricultural practices implemented by British retailer Tesco.



Tesco LogoThe Tesco Produce Packhouse Standard (TPPS): another system of reference set up by Tesco to ensure that all Tesco brand products are safe and meet strict quality criteria.