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Picking your own fruit and vegetable

Cueillette de Mareuil




Come and discover the pleasure of picking your own fruit and vegetable in our orchards and gardens.

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Click here to find the point of sale the closest of your home!

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Our apples

Nos pommes

Vergers Gazeau produce more 20 varieties of which two are exclusively produced by Organic Farming. Discover our range of apples clicking on the link below.

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Our production areas

Our orchards are located in two deparments: Deux-Sèvres and Vendée. The Gâtine area, in the north of the Deux-Sèvres, is the birthplace of the apple and of its iconic variety, the Reinette Clochard.


The topography of this area is characterised by a succession of hills and valleys, crossed by small streams. The particularity of the Gâtine area is the existence of a dense network of hedges that delimit plots of land of modest size and irregular shape, often assigned to sheep and cattle grazing, or to arboriculture. The area has a unique climate, cool with a lot of rain. Moreover, the soil is classified as clay loam, i.e. fertile, but colder and sometimes more difficult to work. This is why apple harvests are always later in this area. However, Gâtine offers conditions that produce excellent Golden Delicious apples, hence our choice to plant some of our Deux-Sèvres orchards with this variety.


The Vendée department has more contrasting landscapes, alternating areas of woodland, lowland areas and marshland. The department offers soil and climate conditions that are very favourable for apple growing. The Vendée is one of the sunniest areas of France, yet with good rainfall. These are ideal conditions for growing quality apples.