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Picking your own fruit and vegetable

Cueillette de Mareuil




Come and discover the pleasure of picking your own fruit and vegetable in our orchards and gardens.

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Our points of sale


Click here to find the point of sale the closest of your home!

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Our apples

Nos pommes

Vergers Gazeau produce more 20 varieties of which two are exclusively produced by Organic Farming. Discover our range of apples clicking on the link below.

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Vergers Gazeau > Our strawberries

Our strawberries

Strawberry production is a very recent activity at Vergers Gazeau since we started growing them only two years ago!

We use two methods for growing our strawberries:

  • in open fields over an area of roughly 5 hectares;
  • in raised troughs in greenhouse tunnels over an area of 1 hectare.

Our strawberries are picked daily. They supply our farm shops and farmers’ markets from mid-April to early November. We grow a wide selection of strawberry varieties including Mara des Bois, Charlotte, Gariguette and Cirafine.

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