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Come and discover the pleasure of picking your own fruit and vegetable in our orchards and gardens.

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Our apples

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Vergers Gazeau produce more 20 varieties of which two are exclusively produced by Organic Farming. Discover our range of apples clicking on the link below.

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Packing and shipping our produce

More than just merely growing apples, our policy is to manage all of the stages involved before our apples reach our customers. This is why we created SICA Sèvre Gâtine in Mazières en Gâtine (Deux Sèvres department). SICA Sèvre Gâtine allows us to take delivery of, store, grade, pack and ship our entire production. Our apples are marketed in partnership with Cardell. Every week we ship some 250 to 300 tonnes of apples, often more with the arrival of the new crop.


Our fruit packing house, SICA Sèvre Gâtine, has, notably, a pre-grading line with sorting by colour and quality (12 tonnes/hour), and five packing, grading, and bagging lines. All of our cold storage rooms are suitable for normal and controlled atmosphere storage, thereby allowing us to store apples all year round. In total, our refrigeration systems represent a storage capacity of 10,000 tonnes across three sites and are equipped with all the latest technology. This allows us to ensure the consistent quality of our produce throughout the year.


We offer different types of packing for our apples, both for distributor brands and our own brand, Vergers de Vendée:





1 row, 50×30

4 fruits

1 kg


1 row, 60×40

5 fruits

2 kg


2 rows, 50×30

6 fruits

3 kg

2 rows, 60×40

8 fruits

Conditionnement-Plateau 1 rangConditionnement-Plateau 2 rangsConditionnement-Caisse bois

Conditionnement-Sac 6 fruitsConditionnement-SachetConditionnement-Barquette 6 fruits